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Remsafe Window Locks Maintenance Instructions

All Products

The manufacturer recommends maintenance is carried out on Remsafe products by a licensed tradesman every twelve (12) months. In addition, it is recommended that regular checks (every three to six months) are carried out by the user of each window safety device at the time of operation. Repeated force on a Remsafe Window Locks safety device may lead to general wear and tear and cause screws to become loose.


Consideration must be given to the local environment and maintenance carried out accordingly.

1. All screws should be checked to ensure they have not loosened. Loose screws must be tightened.

2. All lock components should be checked for any signs of corrosion, cracking, or loss of function. Any locks showing signs of corrosion, cracking, or loss of function should be replaced immediately.

3. All components should be checked to ensure against excessive movement. Any lock showing excessive movement should be replaced immediately.

4. If a window is able to be opened greater than 125 mm at any point a licensed tradesperson should be consulted for advice on the most appropriate window restrictor device for each window.


Additional Maintenance Requirements


Remsafe Cable Lock/Metrolite Retractable Cable: The lock body, cable and brackets must be checked for any signs of corrosion, cracking, or loss of function. Manually pull on cable and lock body to ensure against excessive movement.


Remsafe Window Winder:  The lock body and chain must be checked for any signs of corrosion, cracking, or loss of function. Application of a lubricant to the inside edge of the chain will aid smooth movement of the chain into and out of the winder body.


NOTE: The key must not be left unattended in the key barrel of the Remsafe Window Winder. The restrictor mechanism will not engage while the key is in the lock. When the winder is in the open restricted position pressure on the key barrel may result in the key being difficult to insert and/or turn. Release pressure on the key barrel by turning the handle one rotation in a clockwise direction to slightly withdraw the chain into the winder body and then insert key to unlock. The winder may now be opened to its full extent. The restrictor mechanism cannot be rotated once the chain has been extended beyond 12.5 cm. Retract the chain to less than 12.5 cm before locking the winder in the restricted position.


Remsafe Permanent Restrictor Plug: Replace any Permanent Restrictor Plug that shows signs of corrosion, cracking, excessive movement, or loss of function. The Remsafe Permanent Restrictor Plug may be forcibly removed from the key barrel with the use of a tool, such as a screwdriver. Once removed, replace with a new Permanent Restrictor Plug immediately.


Warning: Window falls may result in injury or death. Falls from heights may still occur through windows with safety devices installed. To prevent falls from heights, climbable elements should be removed from below windows and children should be supervised around open windows.

Egress requirements and fall protection and security codes vary greatly.  The purchaser should confirm local code requirements.




Remsafe Window Locks offer safety solutions for all window types.

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